About us


Discover Touring‘s small team loves the open road. We are often out and about testing the best new vans, visiting countryside, mountains and coastlines both here and abroad, and reporting on both the adventures you know about, and many that you don’t. We appreciate that many experienced tourers have their own top tips, but for the novice it can be difficult to know where to start. Our aim, whatever your level of experience, is to provoke you to try something different, from wild camping to whale watching, skiing to beekeeping. You see, touring is not just sitting about the vans, because the vans are only a means to an end. It’s not what you’ve got, but how you use it!

We believe those readers who strive for the perfect life balance, whether younger families or those on the cusp of retirement, can gain a fresh new perspective with a motorhome or caravan. New or used, rented or borrowed, the ‘van is a comfortable home from home – a mobile base for your next scenic walk or cycle ride or kayaking trip. We know that every year more and more active families are taking up touring, and at a younger age, to further their interests in other pursuits, whether sporty or cultural, nature loving or just to create quality family time. Our readers demand the freedom to do what they like, when they like.

Have a great journey!