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Welcome to Discover Touring. We have two products – a bi-annual print bookazine, Discover Touring, and for those who can’t wait a whole year for the next issue we have developed Discover Touring Live!, a bi-monthly digital digest with the same great quality of the print title. Both are largely aimed at newcomers or those returning to a touring lifestyle, although our editor always ensures there is something in every edition for the experienced tourer. Pervading the stories and expertly authored articles is the underlying theme of taking inspiration and ideas from best in class journalists to make every holiday you take in a motorhome, caravan or tent the best possible experience. The idea is for you to discover or re-discover the joys of touring and to create a holiday that means something for you as an individual, couple or family.

Discover Touring (print)

Launched in February 2011, Discover Touring is very well received at the newsstand and via non-traditional stockists, and is devoured from front cover to back cover wherever people pick up their copy. You can still buy back issues, although stocks are very limited.

The latest issue of Discover Touring magazine is available in hundreds of outlets across the UK. Having trouble finding a copy? No worries, you can buy it here:



Discover Touring Live!

Discover Touring Live! is a high quality bi-monthly digital magazine delivered to your personal online library every other month. Packed full of holiday ideas, activities, practical & planning advice, inspiration & reviews, this regular and free service is a must-have for all tourers. Expert guidance and inspiration around touring themes merge to create an informative and educational guide for unbeatable holidays. It’s really easy to read, too. We have created the product in PDF format, so whether you are viewing on a PC or MAC or mobile device, or you simply wish to print out an article PDF – it is available in the right format for you.

Subscribing to Discover Touring Live! is free for a one-year single user subscription. To set up your subscription takes just a couple of minutes and your details are kept safe and secure with us.